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Retractable Stanchions (2 Posts) Free Shipping

Basic stock retractable stanchions normally ship within 2 - 3 business days.
45.00 LBS
Free Shipping

QueueMaster stanchions are value priced light duty retractable stanchions.  This page is for low volume orders with basic color belts. These stanchions are ordered in pairs.

  • STANCHION DIMENSIONS: 40″H x 2.5″D Posts
  • BASE DIMENSIONS: 14″ Diameter, concrete filled base
  • WEIGHT: Each QM550 is 20 lbs
  • BELTS: Queue Master 550 retractable stanchions come with 2″ Wide nylon belts, YOu have a choice of 8.5′ or 11′ belt lengths. Belt cassette brake system included.
  • USE: Recommended for indoor use.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Best used indoors for line queueing where crowds are light or low traffic. An excellent choice for creating a barrier around museum pieces and low traffic areas. If handled daily, the posts will need to be hand tightened occassionally. 
  • ASSEMBLY: No Tools Required. Hand screw post to base.


Order the correct amount of retractable stanchions. Keep in mind the last stanchion in line is a receiver only. The belt is not utilized. It's best to make a drawing of your layout. Be sure to include any openings or breaks in the line(s).

  • When ordering stanchions with 8.5 belts, measure 8ft between posts
  • When ordering stanchions with 11 belts, measure 10ft between posts
Queue Solutions retractable stanchions carry a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defective material or workmanship. This limited warranty EXCLUDES damage due to accident, misuse, abuse or negligence. Except where specified Queue Solutions products are designed for indoor use and this limited warranty does not apply where products have been used outdoors, in maritime environments, in any other unforeseen environs, or in any manner for which the products are not inherently designed for usage. Buyer shall inform Queue Solutions within 48 hours of an occurrence. Queue Solutions, on receipt of the defective products will carry out a claim investigation and, if finding the claim justified, shall without cost to Buyer repair or replace the defective products. There are no warranties either expressed or implied which extend beyond the description herein.

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