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Automotive Industry Equipment

From automotive production lines to car dealer show rooms to auto shows, we have safety stanchions for factories and warehouse and we have short stanchions to create barriers around new cars and show cars.

Car and truck dealers will find out traffic cones and vertical signage very useful in controlling customer and vehicle traffic at their dealerships in service areas and sales lots. 

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  • One Set or Pair of QueuePro Mini250 Mini Car Show  Retractable Stanchions Stanchion Layout for Car Show Spaces

    Queue Solutions

    Mini Car Show Stanchions (2 Posts) Free Shipping

    QueuePro mini car show stanchions offer a professional appearance at a more affordable price. These short stanchions, ordered in pairs, are ideal for car shows, auto dealers, museums and art galleries. Short 24" high stanchions are safer to use...

    $260.00 - $280.00
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